A hydrating cream for dry and needy skin

Thirsty skins need a moisturiser that calms, hydrates and relieves tightness, especially in dry winter months

The only cream you will ever need

Made from quality creams, oils and essential oils, Skinjam consists of ingredients that are medicinal based and fragrance-free. It contains only ingredients that will feed and nourish your skin, whether body, face or hands. Safe for pregnant women, children, the elderly and babies. It targets specific problem areas like eczema, extremely dry, flaky and itchy skin. The skinjam brand is a mother-and-daughter initiative. Our product is handmade with deep care and love that goes into each pot.

We can deliver to you!

Our main areas of distribution are Johannesburg and Mpumalanga but we can courier to anywhere in South Africa for an additional fee.

Why use Skinjam?

During winter our skin is more dry and flaky and the creams we normally use often don’t provide enough moisture. Thirsty skin needs a moisturiser and hydrator that will calm and relieve tightness and dryness especially in those dry winter months.

Skinjam is safe for

  • sensitive skin
  • pregnant women
  • babies, toddlers & children
  • the elderly

Skinjam targets:

  • extreme dry, flaky and itchy skin
  • eczema & other skin conditions
  • redness & general dryness
  • skin that feels and looks rough

What our customers say

Natural ingredients

Made from quality creams, oils and essential oils, Skinjam’s medicinal based and fragrance-free ingredients are safe for pregnant women, children, the elderly and babies.

Try it out

We offer small tester pots of Skinjam for those who are interested but unsure if the cream is right for you. Contact us now about getting a tester pot!

Three sizes

Our larger 250ml tub is perfect for home use and will ensure you don’t run out too quickly. The medium 125ml tub is great for nappy bags and the smaller 50ml tub is perfect for handbags and cubbyholes.

Become a stockist

Contact us for more information on becoming a Skinjam stockist. Our display units are elegant and fit perfectly on counter tops or shelves.

Only the best ingredients in every pot

Skinjam is made with the best ingredients nature can offer plus a whole ton of love and care.